Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Playlist for CultureShift with "Gramps": August 8, 2006

sports highlites.mp3
The Jezebel Spirit.mp3
The Brooklyn Bridge.mp3
Mountain Top Experience.mp3
Orthodox (Hearts of Space).mp3
from genesis to revelation2.mp3
Drunk Orson Welles.mp3
Church Universal & Triumphant.mp3
26 Herter's Crow Calling Record _ Part Two.mp3
03 Surrender to Me.mp3
03 Pepper Young Translations.mp3
03 Don't Bother Me.mp3
01 The Bristol Project (2001).mp3
01 Pay To Cum.mp3

more or less in this order. Thank you.

Funddrive 2006 - Delirium made manifest

i was daycaptain on Tuesday, Aug 1 of the drive.

meant I had to be at the station at 6am. Went to sleep later than I meant to the night before.

was at station for 18 hours.

my show was the last of the night.

It was an incredible experience.

Thanks to each one who supports WBCR-LP in their own ways.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tuesday with the funddrive

wow. after 16 hours of being at the station I was nearly completely delirous.

it was fun.

mainly talking with nick, dan and peter. perhaps I will post the show somwheres so you and yours can lissen.

thanks for donating! please donate again.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:03:25 PM)
of course, David, in some translations of mythology, being the name of the father of Jesus

--- Scorpion says: (1:03:41 PM)

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:04:08 PM)
Jesus was seen as the son of David, in terms of being both a literal descendent as well as a spitirtual one.

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:04:31 PM)
I knew this guy growing up named McDavid.

--- Scorpion says: (1:04:33 PM)
Are you saying Im god?

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:04:46 PM)
In gaelic, Mc- stands for "son of"

--- Scorpion says: (1:04:55 PM)
Like McDonalds and God put together?

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:04:58 PM)
who isn't god, dude?

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:05:18 PM)
but this is pretty open ended, I know.

--- Scorpion says: (1:05:23 PM)
what isn't god

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:05:33 PM)
i had a thought the other day

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:05:59 PM)
the sun, the eye of the universe, whose energys power every funciton of this planet.

--- Scorpion says: (1:06:47 PM)

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:06:51 PM)
has evolved us on this earth, and as we look upon the world the energy from our eyes

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:07:11 PM)
brings this universe to perhaps a higher refinement of realization

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:07:21 PM)
just by the simple action of looking at the world

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:08:00 PM)
maye be we really do manifest entirely different universes, all having this material plane as a commonality

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:08:36 PM)
and our job, if we choose to accept it, is to achive a balance of blessing every universe in which we play a part

cultureshift@mac.com says: (1:09:10 PM)
and yet remain as witness to the constant fear of "here"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Playlist for CultureShift with "Gramps": July 11, 2006

Jamaican News Station ID +
War, Yellowman
Call-in from Jesse Rosenfeld
Annie's Song (Radio Edit), Bob Denver
SPREE Sides 1 through 3, Ethan Persoff
Glass and Balloon Instruments

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4 2006 playlist for CultureShift with "Gramps"

Jamaican News Station ID +
Track 04, Lee "Scratch" Perry
4 and 20 Dreadlocks, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Track 13, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Track 12, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Lee Scratch Perry meets the Mad Professor
Track 09, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Roots, Barrington Levy
Track 06, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Track 03, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Track 15, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Track 11, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Track 08, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Track 05, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Track 17, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Jungle Soldier, Lee "Scratch" Perry
Om Nama Shivaya
Big Sur Storm
Jimi Hendrix Spoken Word recordings

Monday, July 03, 2006

BBC synth item


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Playlist for CultureShift with "Gramps": June 27, 2006

5 min 48 sec of DJ CAVA

jamaican news station id
ambient sound
the next time we get together (tha remix)
Crashing Aeroplanes, Andreas Ammer / FM Einheit from UBU.com
The Brooklyn Bridge, Wendy Mae Chambers from blog.wfmu.org
UG Krishnamurti, You are a parrot, youtube.com
Full Metal Jacket dialog
The Lady With The Legs, Charles Bukowski
Naivete, Ed Special
Doctor Benway reading, by William Burroughs
Know You're Right, Jesse Rosenfeld
Dinosaurs, William Burroughs
The Brooklyn Bridge, Wendy Mae Chambers from blog.wfmu.org
Trip to Tibidabo, blog.wfmu.org
Groin Skill, blog.wfmu.org
LSD Being Tested on British Troops.mpg, blog.wfmu.org 42:00
What Your Heart Wants, Massive Attack
Workout segment, Day 5 from Total Gym DVD
Ketjak Monkey Chant, www.ubu.com
The Light of Jesus, Charles Bukowski